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About Us

Mabel Araya

Mabel Araya’s Bio

Hi and welcome to my website. I’m Mabel Araya and I live in Pucon, Chile. I am mother of two kids with interested in Yoga, meditation and “alternative” healing therpies such as sound healing, theta healing and crystal healing.

Since I was a little girl, I have had a connection to the mystical. I remember past lives , communicating with other worlds and higher dimensional beings. Also thanks to my upbringing and family, I have many happy memories of being outdoors in nature near Concepcion, Chile and I believe we have to take care of our planet.

I started AvaniYogaRetreats with the intention of helping people recenter and connect with their bodies and nature. I am here to support the return of ancient wisdom and the evolution of mankind. I believe we are the co-creators of our reality and we must try to connect with our heart and find the divine within us.

I have always been passionate about crystals and crystal healing and I am happy to be of service with my crystal healing therapies.

In addition crystal healing, three years ago I was contacted by aliens of another dimension. They had a message for me and you – which is that planet Earth is in a transition. We need to be of service to each other, to eat high vibrational foods and not be fearful as we enter a new age of awareness.

I have studied Yoga more than 10 years. In 2015 I was initiated as a sannyas disciple of Osho at the Sammasati center in Pucon. In 2016, I traveled to Peru and Brazil to study shamanic healing with various indigenous tribes.

I believe if everyone on Earth practiced yoga we would have a more peaceful planet.

Catalina De Bittencourt

Catalina De Bittencourt’s  Biography
Since childhood my relationship with nature has been my greatest teacher.

Throughout my life, I’ve developed through study and deep contemplation of nature, always looking for magic, although the whole structure of society seems to go against this.

For the last eleven years I have been digging through books, different views, cultures and symbols in search of answers. I was first and foremostly interested in Usui Reiki natural healing and Reiki Distance healing later, with the great master, Lama Ngawang Rigdzin.

For my formal education, I graduated in Visual Arts at the Catholic University of Temuco, specializing in the natural environment, contemplation of nature, photography, painting, etc.

I have also been fortunate on my way to meet Jorge Redon Figueroa, Master of botany, who guided me on the conservation and environmental education in medicinal plants and native plants of Chile.

I have also undertaken long journeys in search of expanding my consciousness and participated in different types of ancient initiatory shamanic rituals in Chile, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia.

Practicing ethnobotany, ancestral worldviews, healing vibrations, I was initiated into the multidimensional cosmic brotherhood of white light in Rio de Janeiro 2016. I also enjoy practicing Yoga and meditation.

Mabel Araya AvaniYoga Retreats Retreat Leader
Avani Yoga Retreats will offer you a personal retreat where you will enjoy nature, body and spirit. Not only will you find yourself, you will connect with our beautiful earth.