Our Lodge - Avani Yoga Retreats
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Our Lodge

This beautiful lodge was created to reconnect with our original essence, rediscover our inner peace and relaxation. It’s a place for Holistic Healing. And the harmonization of body-mind, heart and soul. It has a big circular yurt for yoga and meditation,  restrooms and showers, eating areas and kitchen. Also 5,000 square meters of green areas with a wide variety of flowers, waterfalls, natives trees and art. AvaniYoga Retreast is a unique area nestled between the active volcano and lake Villarrica.

Meditation Hall

It’s a large circular yurt, including restrooms, showers, a dining room and a kitchen (available for rent to personal growth groups).


These are comfortable and elegantly furnished cabin and rooms, with a view of the lake and volcano. For 1-2 people, a perfect place for relaxation and silence.

Exotic Ravine

A waterfall, spring waters, and a tree house. It is a magical place for meditation.

Mabel Araya AvaniYoga Retreats Retreat Leader
Avani Yoga Retreats will offer you a personal retreat where you will enjoy nature, body and spirit. Not only will you find yourself, you will connect with our beautiful earth.